• Jaque de ???

    Jaque de ???

    Second of House Mischen, common person serving as Lord Warren's Second
  • Reineer de Martin

    Reineer de Martin

    Head of House Martin gruff and brusque man
  • Roland de Ferrieres

    Roland de Ferrieres

  • Sybell de Verney

    Sybell de Verney

    Head of House Veryney bit of a stoic and a badass
  • Thomas de Bruce

    Thomas de Bruce

    Second to House Bruce, budding Horse Breeder
  • Warren de Mischen

    Warren de Mischen

    very in tune with the common man, bit of a bumpkin and convinced of his own morality
  • Ysin de Talbot

    Ysin de Talbot

    younger sister to Alric, House Second to stay in Silvervale.