Inheritance before the arrival of the Realm was patriarchal.

House Argent ruled as the king’s right hand, they are believed to be extinct now. Remaining bloodlines lie in the remaining houses.

House Talbot ruled the port and the outer vales as well as serving as the tax collector for the King.

House Martin ruled the Eastern Vales and some of the mountain passes defending against the barbarian nomads capable of traversing them intent on plunder. To this day the House of Martin is charged with watching those passes.

House Ferrieres owned several of the mines and armorers in the north.

House Bruce was against several of the northern Vales and warred with the barbarians up there, finalizing some of the portions of the kingdom prior to realm occupation.

House Mischen ruled a central vale and was intricately tied to the common folk having originally been farmers themselves.

House Verney ruled the vale with the largest forest and served as able scouts and rangers.

House Livett ruled a valley strewn with vinyards and has always been known for their high quality wines.


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